Regular Modules

Our union-management tool allows you to conveniently and effectively manage your membership data, grievances, and access in just one click all union documents. 

Grievances Module

  • Manage your grievance files with just a few clicks
  • Stay on top of your grievance files and never miss a deadline, thanks to automated reminders 
  • Transfer active grievances to other union representatives

Members Module

  • Stay connected with your members via mass emailing
  • Keep track of interactions with your members
  • Monitor their professional records 
  • Maintain member information, such as personal information, seniority, status, email and more

Health and Safety Module

  • Enter the steps, dates, notes and documents for your work accident and disability files 
  • Get a better overview of your members’ health condition

Regular Services

The speed with which we integrate your data, the quality of our training sessions and the user-friendliness of our tool are what sets us apart.


  • We train your users to provide them with the ability to take full advantage of the platform

Data Hosting and Security

  • Data hosting is included and remains in Canada
  • Grant full or limited access to every user in your organization
  • No installation required
  • Platform accessible from anywhere

Support and Tutorials

  • Experiencing difficulties, we have a customer support team dedicated to assist you.
  • Tutorial videos are available to help you better navigate Sentinel

Optional Modules

Our optional modules allow you to meet your specific needs.

Union Leaves

  • Easily track member leaves
  • Approve leave requests
  • View follow-up reports



  • Manage and record meeting attendance
  • Tabulate and customize your quorum


  • Efficiently structure information that will be easily accessible and searchable

Collective Agreements

  • Manage your grievance deadlines
  • Automate your arbitrator rotations

Documentation Centre 

  • Centralize and securely store, view and share your files 
  • Unlimited cloud storage

Committee Meetings

  • Facilitates organization for better governance
  • Meeting management is integrated into your environment
  • Securely segregate teams, meetings and documents 

Ethics and Discipline

  • Facilitates the management of complex ethical disputes
  • Support your members effectively 

Dynamic import

  • Allows to synchronize Sentinel data with an external file.
  • Allows you to keep a history of all modifications.


  • Allows you to keep many types of transactions in a member's file
  • Allows you to extract data and produce reports.

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